The Return

Purpose | Freedom | Passion | Brotherhood 

If you need a new vision of manhood, if are searching for belonging, if passion has faded and freedom seems like a pipe-dream, then The Return is for you. The Return is a 4-day experience where men are tethered together in a common fight against the deception of the enemy. It is place where you can unpack your heart in a safe environment where you will not feel guilt, shame, or condemnation but be loved and encouraged by other men. It is a venue where men come to understand that they are not alone nor have to hide their issues. The Return provides a setting where God’s light shines into those dark places and lies are replaced with truth, thus setting men free!

Current dates:

August 14-18tH, 2019 – Full

October 9-13th, 2019 – Full

More dates coming in 2020


August 14-18 - Full

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October 9-13th - Full

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