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Sundays | 6:00-7:30pm

Each student lives with a deep desire within them to Impact the world – accomplish great things, attain high goals.

We believe Impact happens as students embrace the world-changing identity Christ has given them, and walk boldly in the gifts and passions that God created them for.

Impact is for all 6-12 grade students and meets on Sundays from 6:00-7:30pm with doors opening at 5:45pm. Impact consists of five different elements designed to develop their own personal relationship with Christ.

Friends: laid back time for our students to hang out, make some friends, consume some sugar, and have some fun.
Worship: energetic worship with music students can get into and relate to – the kind of music can jump around to.
Truth: The word of God presented in an engaging, relatable way that empowers and equips students to live life to the full.
Discipleship: Students will meet in small groups, by grade level, with an adult leader who will be a constant source of love and encouragement.
Serving: Each student has been given abilities and talents that when put into practice make an impact in their families, communities, and world. We’ll develop those gifts in through various opportunities for students to serve within the church and community.

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Next Level

During our weekend services right after worship

We believe Jesus lived an exciting life and students should experience that excitement every time they come to church.

Next Level is a fun, interactive time where 5-8th grade students get to enjoy some pop and cookies (pretty awesome!!!), participate in icebreakers, and most importantly learn how to study the Bible on their own.

During our weekend services right after worship, Next Level leaders will facilitate a discussion based Bible study while showing the students they can have their own relationship with Christ.


Resources to Disciple Your Students