How should I dress?

We want you to be comfortable while attending Victory Life Church. You’ll notice that people come from all backgrounds and as a result dress varies from a suit to blue jeans. Most people dress casual – khakis and blue jeans, but you won’t be out of place if you enjoy dressing up for church. Be comfortable and enjoy the service.

When does the church receive communion?

We take communion in all three of our services every month on the fourth week of the month. Occasionally we may move this forward a weekend or back a weekend depending on whether or not the church calendar lends itself to that. Keep a calendar on your fridge every month and we’ll always have communion listed on there.

I’d like to start serving in ministry, who do I contact?

For those of you who are just itching to get helping around here we encourage you to track down a pastor and introduce yourself. They can totally get you started in the right direction. The best way to get your foot in the door is to attend Connect to the Vision.

I recently started coming to the church, I love it! What’s my next step?

The next step is an event called Connect to the Vision. We hold this event every other month and it is designed to give you all the information you need to know to get plugged in as well as be a small group environment where you can get all your questions answered.

What is the typical length of the service?

A typical service last sixty-five minutes. We want to be very conscious of your time and the time that all of our children hang out in Victory Kids, but occasionally if God is doing something extra special we may go a little over that time. We believe God is a God of order and so we make plans and submit those plans and times to Him to do with them as he sees fit.

Are all Three of the worship services the same?

All three of our services are identical and although each one may have a unique moment so that things don’t get too robotic, we aim for duplication.